The next game from the makers of ‘Genshin Impact’ arrives in April

The next game from the makers of ‘Genshin Impact’ arrives in April
By: Engadget Posted On: March 24, 2023 View: 7

The next game from the makers of Genshin Impact has a release date. Honkai: Star Rail — a turn-based, space-fantasy, tactical RPG — arrives on April 26th. In addition to previously announced PC and mobile availability, developer HoYoverse announced today that a PlayStation (PS5 / PS4) version is coming “later.”

Although much is unknown about Honkai: Star Rail, we do know it trades in Genshin Impact’s Breath of the Wild type of open-world action for turn-based combat. Based on its trailers, it looks like a visual spectacle with an anime-esque art style and a cast of memorable characters. 

The story, set in the same universe as Honkai Impact 3rd, follows a protagonist with an implanted Stellaron (mysterious life forms that respond to the world’s desire to advance) on a quest to discover the truth about the “Cancer of All Worlds.” It begins at a tutorial level on Herta Space Station before moving on to snow-covered Jarilo-VI and other diverse worlds.

The free-to-play game will use gacha (item and character-based loot boxes) for monetization. It’s rated T for Teen and will be available for PC (standalone installation or the Epic Games Store), iOS and Android. That PS5 / PS4 version will arrive at an unknown later date.

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