Djokovic Tops Tsitsipas For 22nd Grand Slam, 10th Australian Open, #1 Ranking

Djokovic Tops Tsitsipas For 22nd Grand Slam, 10th Australian Open, #1 Ranking
By: Tennis X Posted On: January 29, 2023 View: 80

Novak Djokovic is back on top in more ways than one. Sunday night in Melbourne, Djokovic won his record-extending 10th Australian Open title topping Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-3, 7-6(4), 7-6(5).

The title also ties Djokovic with Rafael Nadal at 22 atop the all-time men’s Grand Slam leaderboard. It also returns him to the No. 1 ranking for the first-time since last summer. After being deported from his favorite event a year ago, this one was extra sweet.

“This is one of the most challenging tournaments that I have ever played in my life,” said Djokovic. “Not playing last year, coming back this year. I want to thank all the people who made me feel welcome. There is a reason why I have played my best tennis on this court, in front of legendary Rod Laver.

“It is a long journey. All my team and family knows what we have been through in the past four or five weeks and this is probably the biggest victory of my life.”

Djokovic’s serve was the key in the match. The Serb was broken just once and that came at the start of the third. Djokovic would immediately break back and then go on a run of 20 straight points on serve, finish winning 22 of his last 23 on serve. He won 82% of his first serves while Tsitsipas just 70%.

Tsitsipas struggled to find the range early especially off the forehand and in just 36 minutes Djokovic had already jumped out to a set lead.

The Greek began finding rhythm on his serve and while the forehand still wasn’t up to the task, his backhand was. Still, Tsitsipas couldn’t puncture holes in the Djokovic service until his very first break point of the toward the end of the second set.

Tsitsipas badly fell behind in both breakers 4-1 in the second and 5-0 in the third. And he couldn’t recover. 27 total errors to just 11 winners off the forehand side didn’t help. The 24-year-old falls to 0-2 in Slam finals with both losses to Djokovic.

“I’m just happy that I’m in another Grand Slam final. Of course, I was dreaming about the trophy, lifting that trophy. I even dreamt it last night in my sleep. The desire is really there. I really, really want it badly,” said Tsitsipas. “But just dreaming about it won’t make it happen. You got to act. You got to do something out there. You got to be present even more and do better.

“Definitely much better playing finals than being stuck behind in the semifinals. I’ll take that for sure. I just need to take that one more step where I can consistently lift trophies and win Slams and Masters 1000 events.”

Had Tsitsipas won, he would have been No. 1, something that he still targets.

“I want to max out in what I do in my profession. No. 1 is on my mind,” he said. “It doesn’t come easy, I know that. I got to work harder to make that happen. Today was my opportunity to be a World No. 1. I had a better opponent on the other side of the net who did things much better than me. He deserves that spot currently.

“I am born a champion. I can feel it in my blood. I can feel it as a competitive kid that I was when I was young. It’s something that is within me. I want to harvest that, make it bloom, make it even stronger and fonder, work hard towards those goals.

”It’s that beautiful number, the number ‘1’, that will make things extremely emotional when converting that.”

Djokovic’s numbers continue to pile. He now is all alone in fourth on the Open Era title leaderboard with 94. He was won his last 28 matches at the Australian Open, 41 straight in Australia and 17 straight wins. At 35, he serving better and hitting the ball harder than ever. He and Nadal will go into the French Open locked at 22.

“I am motivated to win as many Slams as possible. At this stage of my career, these trophies are the biggest motivational factor of why I still compete,” said Djokovic who has won 10 of his last 12 Grand Slam finals. “I never really liked comparing myself to others, but of course it’s a privilege to be part of the discussion as one of the greatest players of all time. If people see me this way, of course it’s very flattering because I know that I give as much effort and energy into trying to win slams as anybody else.

“I still have lots of motivation. Let’s see how far it takes me. I really don’t want to stop here. I don’t have intentions to stop here. I feel great about my tennis. I know that when I’m feeling good physically, mentally present, I have a chance to win any Slam against anybody.

“Physically I can keep myself fit. Of course, 35 is not 25, even though I want to believe it is. But I still feel there is time ahead of me. Let’s see how far I go.”

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Wog Boy Says:


I love it, speaks volumes ????

zed Says:

SHHHHH WB, not so loud.

There are people in mourning, it is very sad for them.

I am a bit afraid what will happen to them when Novak wins the French Open this year, this is a real danger for many people.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, good to hear from, I started to get worried, last night was anything but easy????

I hope Dave is around too since the link of Goran Ivanišević press conference after final will confirm what he said about Nole’s game and “new” FH, very honest press conference, take few minutes and watch it Goran is just Goran, no back thoughts, straight to the point:

I have to give credit to you and Dave for being optimistic, I was sceptical and now I feel bad????

Graham Says:

Great player and can probably go on and win another 4 or 5 GS BUT, unsportsmanlike, bends the rules, constantly wants to be liked, craves sympathy etc etc.
It’s about time these younger players stared to push through.

Dave Says:

Wog Boy

I saw the press conference from Goran. It was a very good press conference for sure. One thing I was thinking about during the tournament was how much better it is for Novak not to have lines people because he hits so many lines during matches and has to replay points he should have won because of the wrong call being made. And I’m sure it would have been the same on match point. The lines person would have called it out. The call would have come before Tsitsipas hit the ball. So most likely replay the point if Djokovic challenges his shot. Instead, there’s never controversy. I totally prefer having tournaments without lines people for this very reason.

Wog Boy Says:


Really good point about line judges and “replay the point”, haven’t thought about that, yes, I also thought match point was out.
Also, there are less chances that some Karen might flop again.

tennismonger Says:

Yes, and much better that the line judges are removed from harm’s way.

Madmax Says:


It’s not going to change though is it? If he hits the lines, he hits the lines, shows perfection of the shot.

Roger Federer has congratulated Novak Djokovic on winning a record 10th Australian Open title, describing it as “an incredible effort.” Djokovic, 35, defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Australian Open final to win a record 10th Australian Open title and overall his 22nd Grand Slam.

Federer, who retired from pro tennis after last year’s Laver Cup, won six titles at Melbourne Park during his illustrious career. “Incredible effort, again! Many congratulation,” Federer captioned his Instagram Story.

Roger Federer congrats Novak Djokovic on his IG #AusOpen — Michal Samulski (@MichalSamulski)

Wog Boy Says:

Yesterday morning on the way to Fitzroy gardens for official trophy photo shooting Nole fans were waiting for him outside gardens and he stopped the car and walked out to mix with his fans and make selfies.

Before the final, knowing how large was Greek population in Melbourne, I expected 3 : 1 in favour of Greek, but it turned out to, at least 5 : 1 in Nole’s favour, Nole’s fans flooded Melbourne park. Official numbers state that 45,832 people walked through the gates for the final, RLA has 15000 capacity, means, the rest were outside watching on the big screens, that was a sea of red/blue/white flags, Nole gave them and himself best possible present ????

Jim Courier was in awe, his face was telling, he said he never experienced anything like that.

Wog Boy Says:

For Nole fans, I had goosebumps watching it, I wish I was there, never happened before and it’ll never happen again, enjoy it, worth watching, turn the volume up:

zed Says:

WB, Yes, I think it was Courier (or maybe it was Hewitt, I can’t remember which it was) reported that it was the biggest crowd number ever. Not just the biggest crowd for Melbourne Park but for any tennis tournament anywhere in the world, ever.

The stadium can only hold one person per seat but on the grounds outside people were packed together enjoying the match together on what was a wonderful evening weather-wise. Low humidity, cool but not cold, just perfect.

It’s what I have said many, many times. If you only read the news then you have no idea of the truth of things. The news told us that Australians hate Novak, that Australians didn’t want him here. They got some tools in front of the camera to say that.

I told people on these forums that the news is lying, Australians in general are extremely tired of their government and most felt that Novak was treated poorly and should have been allowed to play. The numbers at Melbourne Park support my version over the lying-media version.

This will be a very big year for Novak, maybe his biggest ever.

Wog Boy Says:

You are correct, AO broke it’s own record, 839,192 fans went through the gates in two weeks time.

Check this one out, Nole’s father celebrates morning after on the hotel balcony with scotch and nice old Serbian song, good one Srdjan:

zed Says:

A proud father, beautiful.

Where are all our friends? Giles? Where are you mate?

Fred? Skeezer?

Please come back guys, don’t sulk, be happy that the great game of tennis marches on.

Okiegal Says:

Is Novak really fluent in Croatian?? ????????????????

Okiegal Says:

Present and accounted for!! ????????????

zed Says:

Hey OkieGal, good to see you back.

It’s the same language! The language is actually called Serbo-Croatian!

Also, Novak and his family have this talent for language which must be hereditary I guess.

Novak speaks Italian, French, Chinese, and multiple other languages really, really, well. You’ll see him speak in those languages when accepting trophies.

His English is obviously accented but he has little trouble understanding and making himself understood. I’m often impressed by his vocabulary given he grew up in Serbia and (I assume) hasn’t had a formal education.

Wog Boy Says:

“Is Novak really fluent in Croatian??”

I am doing my best to ignore this uneducated stupid question.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed I don’t know how I missed it, but Bill Gates was in RLA watching AO final?!
Bill Gates, watching unvaccinated player, sitting between probably few unvaccinated people (hardly anyone takes any vaccines anymore) without the masks in indoor conditions (roof was closed)?!

zed Says:

WB, I saw him. I don’t trust that man one bit.

He’s got a sick agenda and his wife left him stating that one of the reasons was his relationship with Epstein and all those underage girls.

Of course he’s untouchable but by the look of him I think he doesn’t have all that long, he looks extremely unhealthy.

Wog Boy Says:

Evil man.

Giles Says:

Lololol They all came out to see what an unvaccinated tennis player looks like! Hence the crowds! Sooo Australia buckled under. Shame on you. Good to see US still holding firm!

zed Says:

LOL, it’s not your week Giles :)

Never mind, I’m sure you’ll have good times again … some day.

Okiegal Says:

Old man Bog, it was a legit question. Just curious if I could get an honest translation of Novak shouting obscenities to the crowd in Croatian. Don’t be so sensitive about my uneducated stupid question! ????????


Wog Boy Says:

The question was not only uneducated and stupid but provocative. Besides Serbian and Croatian being the same language, why on earth Novak would be shouting in Croatian when he is Serbian?! You are forgiven, we all know how Americans are good with geography.
That’s ok, whenever I see granny on internet using so many emoticons I know that granny is slowly but surely returning to her childhood, unfortunately that’s irreversible process.

Wog Boy Says:


Tommy Haas was in Melbourne, he had few interviews and he said they want Nole to play IW, he is director of the tournament, and that there is still hope that he will come (unvaccinated), knowing his connections through his wife family maybe he knows something that we don’t.
Nole himself said that he will know in a few weeks time whether he is going to IW or not.
Either way it’s their loss not Nole’s, I would prefer him to do good recovery and focus on clay season, forget about IW and Miami.

Van Persie Says:


I did read this about Tommy Haas, he’s a good man, but this will not help. And agree with you Nole does not need IW and Miami in March. He should train for the clay season, when he is fit again. He needs a break now.

Wog Boy Says:

Definitely needs a break, since Tel Aviv he played 5 tournaments, made 5 finals, won 4, didn’t have much of a break.

Giles Says:

It really pains me to read BOG boys stupid comments. Recover? From what exactly? The faker is fit as a fiddle. No doubt still using the Pod or “something”! Sheeeesh

zed Says:

So much truth, The 7 Uncomfortable Truths

Giles you will never win, even you must have realised that by now.

Wog Boy Says:


22 > (21+1)

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, I missed this gesture after Nole won on Sunday, one of comments in your video picked it up:

“Jun Huang:

after he won on Sunday, he pointed ti his head, heart and balls. Two middle fingers to Australia and ATP/fakedal. Truly epic.”

Did it really happened, I hope it did,unfortunately I realised yesterday that I’ve never pressed record button so I can’t rewatch final.

zed Says:

WB, I only remember the head and the heart, not the balls.

I immediately thought he was saying the power is in the mind and the heart.

The “in” crowd, the ones with Nike money behind them benefit greatly from Nike’s influence on media, tournaments, officials etc. Nike skews what ever they can so that their sponsored players win.

It must be driving them crazy that Novak is killing them all despite all their fixing of draws, all their media campaigns to hurt him, all their media campaigns to create “Saint Roger” and “Saint Rafael”.

And we’re not done yet! We have years to come of him making monkeys of all of them.

Wog Boy Says:

“I immediately thought he was saying the power is in the mind and the heart.“

Zed, but you do need balls of steel too to accomplish it and Nole has got balls of steel.

Okiegal Says:

……but what was he shouting in Croatian?? ???????????????? ????????????

Okiegal Says:

Giles……Dig up some bones…..HELP!! ????????

Giles Says:

xyz and Bog Boy. Touching the head is something Wawa would do. The faker is just mimicing him. His drinks are delivered to him by his team in opaque bottles . Why aren’t they transparent for the world to see? Effin Cheater! When you look at his team the word Mafia comes to mind!

zed Says:

Giles, one day you will find peace, I wish that for you.

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