ATP Tennis Podcast: Tsitsipas On Alcaraz, Rune The Perfectionist?

ATP Tennis Podcast: Tsitsipas On Alcaraz, Rune The Perfectionist?
By: ATP World Tour Posted On: May 28, 2023 View: 21

This week on the ATP Tennis Podcast...

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON COMPARING CARLOS ALCARAZ TO RAFAEL NADAL – “He gets to every ball on the court, he covers pretty much half of the planet when he plays. So, they have a lot of similarities and I think he can be the next Rafael Nadal of our tennis.”

HOLGER RUNE ON WHETHER HE’S A PERFECTIONIST – “I am, especially on the practice court, match court not as much, which is good, because I feel like on the match it’s not about how it looks and how you hit the ball, it’s more about finding solutions to win. I don’t think about tennis 24/7, but I think about what’s necessary for my tennis 24/7.”

STAN WAWRINKA ON THE ADVICE HE’D GIVE TO HIS YOUNGER SELF – “Keep dreaming, keep passionate about the game that you love. Don’t forget it’s a game that you started to enjoy with your friends. From a young age I always put a lot of pressure on myself, and I think it was the pressure that I put on myself that I was struggling to deal with completely.”

HUGO NYS ON HIS DOUBLES PARTNERSHIP WITH JAN ZIELINSKI – “It’s not easy to find a good doubles partner. It’s like in life, you know, because you have to get along on the court, off the court and when you lose tough matches you have to stay together. I’ve spent five years on the tour in doubles and this is the first time I’ve built something big with someone.”

- Show presented by Chris Bowers and WTA player Tamira Paszek
- Interviews by Ursin Caderas and Candy Reid
- Features by ATP Uncovered and Kate Flory

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