*The Creator* (movie review with spoilers)

*The Creator* (movie review with spoilers)

This movie was deeper and more philosophical than I was expecting.  Imagine a Buddhism that decides the AIs represent the true renunciation of desire, and thus embody the Buddhist ideal.  Globally, the AIs ally themselves with the Buddhist nations, now unified under a “Republic of New Asia” banner.  Mostly it looks like Vietnam (water buffalo), until snow-capped mountains are needed near the end.

The Buddhists considers the AIs to be kinder than humans.  America, however, tries to destroy them all, as part of a misguided quest to bomb the proverbial data centers.

You will find visual quotations from A.I., Robocop, Terminator II, Kundun, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Firestarter, Westworld, Lost in Space, the Abraham story from Genesis, and more.  The special effects were good, and surprisingly understated compared to the usual excess.  Scientific consistency, however, you will not find.

In this movie it is Eliezer and the Americans who are the bad guys.  I was surprised to see Hollywood make that move.

From the director of Rogue One, a good sign of course, and the soundtrack is by Hans Zimmer.  This movie is not perfect, but I am very glad I saw it.  The U.S. reviews for it are unreliable, the BBC did OK, Vulture too.

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