Regina George's BF Shane Oman In 'Mean Girls 'Memba Him?!

Regina George's BF Shane Oman In 'Mean Girls 'Memba Him?!
By: TMZ Posted On: October 03, 2023 View: 1

Canadian actor Diego Klattenhoff was 24 years old when he was cast to play Shane Oman -- the jock who hates Kälteen Bars, and the popular boyfriend of the high school's queen B, Regina George -- in the comedy/teen film "Mean Girls" back in 2004.

Diego shared the big screen with some of Hollywood's biggest names including Lindsay Lohan as the new girl, Cady Heron, Tina Fey as the calculus teacher and supposed drug dealer, Ms. Norbury, Rachel McAdams as the snobby, popular chick, Regina George and Amanda Seyfried as the not-so-smart girl, Karen Smith.

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