Twitter is working on an ad-free subscription tier

Twitter is working on an ad-free subscription tier
By: Engadget Posted On: January 21, 2023 View: 235

Twitter is working on a new, more expensive Blue subscription tier that will allow users to browse the platform without seeing ads. “Ads are too frequent on Twitter and too big. Taking steps to address both in coming weeks,” Twitter owner Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday afternoon. “Also, there will be a higher priced subscription that allows zero ads.”

In the US, Twitter Blue currently costs $11 per month when users subscribe directly through the Twitter iOS or Android app. On the web, where Apple and Google’s up to 30 percent commission on in-app purchases doesn’t apply, the service costs $8 per month. Since Twitter began revamping the subscription in November, the ability to see fewer ads on your timeline has been one of the primary selling points the company has pushed, but that perk is still listed as “coming soon” when you go to sign up for the service.

By some estimates, Twitter’s ad revenue has declined precipitously since Musk’s takeover of the company in October. According to a recent report published by The Information, a senior Twitter manager told employees this past Tuesday that daily revenue was down 40 percent from the same day a year ago. One internal slide seen by the outlet saw Twitter attribute the decline to the initial relaunch of Twitter Blue, which saw the platform overrun by verified trolls who used the paid verification feature to impersonate brands, celebrities and other notable accounts.

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