The New York Times Plays Dumb As They Sabotage Biden

The New York Times Plays Dumb As They Sabotage Biden
By: PoliticusUSA Posted On: February 10, 2024 View: 30

The New York Times is wondering why the age issue hurts Biden more as they relentlessly attack the President’s age.

The New York Times ran this headline:

Gee, I don’t know. Why could the age issue be hurting Biden more than Trump?

Is The New York Times Attacking Biden’s Age?

The answer is yes. The New York Times has been relentlessly attacking Biden for being old.

Here is a collection of recent New York Times headlines:

The New York Times’s bias is so over the top that it is impossible to miss. The elitist New York Times loves elitist Donald Trump for a variety of reasons. Trump’s elevation of The Times with his criticism boosted their subscriber revenue. At a time when most publications, including this one, are fighting for survival, The New York Times touted that they had passed one billion dollars in subscriber revenue.

The New York Times misses the special treatment that they got from Trump. The former president would call reporters and give them off-the-record scoops. Trump’s cozy relationship with corporate media reporters is why so many of them from The New York Times and Washington Post have trapsed to Mar-a-Lago to write books about the former president.

The New York Times Is Trump Access Journalism

One reason viewers complain so much about NBC’s Meet The Press is that the show is an example of access journalism. Reporters and outlets that value access to powerful people more than facts will go easy on those powerful individuals because they are getting access to them. Chuck Todd admitted that Meet The Press didn’t see it as their job to go after Republican lies.

That is access journalism.

An example of the kind of access journalism that The Times favors is Jonathan Swan. In 2018, The Times wrote about Swan, “His rise has come with accusations of coziness: that he favors access over accountability; that he irritates the White House, but rarely infuriates it.”

The New York Times currently employs Jonathan Swan as one of its star political reporters.

Another star political reporter is Maggie Haberman, who Trump and his associates refer to as a “friendly.”

The NYT wants Biden gone because the Biden administration doesn’t give them or The Washington Post access. The Times wants their best boy back, so they are attacking President Biden’s age to ruin his reelection campaign.

Every Dollar You Spend At The New York Times Helps Donald Trump

The reality is that every dollar a Biden supporter or democracy supporter gives to The New York Times is paying for these attacks on the President that only help Donald Trump.

Instead of supporting The New York Times, you can give your money to true independent journalists like PoliticusUSA.

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The New York Times won’t be hurt by one, ten, or a hundred subscribers leaving, but by taking your money elsewhere, you will be supporting outlets like PoliticusUSA that are committed to democracy and share your values.

By attacking Biden’s age, The New York Times is abandoning journalism and putting democracy last by aiding Donald Trump. This sort of coverage is their choice, but you can also choose not to fund it.

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