Stop the Steal '24 edition

Stop the Steal '24 edition
By: US Forums Posted On: February 11, 2024 View: 51

It wasn't even statistically significant in the few swing states, certainly not enough to change a county, much less a state. That is probably the real reason, Republican lawyers came up short sixty-something times in a row. Sure they were stupid, "sally forth in the noonday sun" as if the clear light of day would reveal something, with no evidence before filing suit or court date. It boils down to people like county court clerks, the job being too good to blow off getting caught blowing off registration laws and losing the gig, much less going to jail for and starring in the papers from coast to coast. Even massive recount investigations like in Nevada failed to turn up anything significant, after spending millions of Republican donation dollars to fund the effort.

This is why normal people, just, do not believe in the myth, and it only becomes fodder for partisan conspiracy theorists.

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