Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers: Will Bode Try to Break Up Gabriela's Engagement?

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers: Will Bode Try to Break Up Gabriela's Engagement?
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After a nine-month hiatus between new installments, Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1 certainly delivered a lot of -- (forgive the pun) fireworks.

In fact, if your favorite thing about this show is its tendency to deliver absolutely bonkers twists and turns, then you might have thought that that was just the episode yet.

Hell, there was literally a prison knife fight that ended abruptly when an earthquake struck, and one of the combatants was crushed by a chunk of concrete ceiling.

Bode and Vince In a Cave - Fire Country

But if you're a fan of Fire Country's more nuanced, subtle moments (for a show that often features wildfires and mudslides, it makes a lot of time for complex relationship dynamics), then you might not like the direction in which this season is headed.

Either way, you're probably curious about how the writers will follow up such an eventful season premiere.

Ty White as Cole - Fire Country

Well, you're in luck, because we've got all the advance info you need about what comes next for Bode Leone, Station 42, and the Three Rock crew.

Speaking of Three Rock, fans probably breathed a sigh of relief when Bode returned to camp at the end of "Something's Coming."

Granted, Bode's joy was short-lived, as he learned about Gabriela's engagement to Diego before he'd even finished filling out his paperwork.

That was another moment that, for some fans, might have been a bit too reminiscent of daytime soap operas.

But the knife fight, the earthquake, and the transfer back to Three Rock all have one thing in common:

A Fire on Fire Fire Country

They were all part of an effort to get things back on track after a Fire Country Season 1 finale that left fans divided.

After all, this show is called Fire Country, not Sad Dude In Prison For a Crime He Didn't Commit Country.

Clearly, the goal of the writers was to get Bode back to Three Rock and wrap up last season's loose ends as quickly and tidily as possible.

Bode and Gabriela are broken up, and Eve and Jake have been promoted, and Sharon has a new kidney, and Bode ended his feud with Sleeper after finding out that he's Genevieve's dad ...

All of this serves the purpose of returning us to the redemption narrative that viewers responded to so well in Fire Country Season 1.

Diane Farr on Fire Country

Bode is back in the woods, and he once again needs to prove himself to his parents and win over Gabriela.

Except now, those obstacles are more challenging than ever, especially since Bode pushed Gabi away so hard that she accepted another guy's proposal.

So what comes next?

Well, the official logline of Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2 reads:

"While breaking up a bonfire party, the Station 42 crew is called to complete a dangerous and highly complex cave rescue."

Okay, so someone will need to deliver the Smokey the Bear spiel when some careless youths decide to celebrate Edgewater homecoming week or whatever by being careless with their sparks and tinder. Freakin' youths!

But the fire safety crisis is overshadowed when someone falls into a cave, a la the True Detective: Night Country finale.

It's a safe bet that the prisoners of Three Rock wouldn't be entrusted with the task of breaking up someone's bonfire party.

Shogun and the Return of the Prestige Limited Series

But embarking on a spelunking expedition with the goal of saving some careless campers?

Well, that sounds like the sort of task that would enable one Bode Leone to regain his hero status in the eyes of his skeptical loved ones.

Kevin Alejandro Image - Fire Country

Of course, there's one person to whom Bode will be most eager to prove himself.

And we're not talking about Gabriela!

"The news of Genevieve is the thing that motivates him this season," executive producer Tony Phelan said this week in an interview with TV Line.

Yes, he was only behind bars for six months, but Bode re-emerged into a new world.

Not only is he a father now, his ex is planning a wedding with someone else, and his lifelong friend Eve is now calling the shots at Three Rock.

Gabriela Underground - Fire Country

"Eve’s journey through the season is going to be about becoming that Three Rock commander and having a very different style than Manny," Phelan added.

"How well is that going to go over with the other inmates, and how are Bode and Eve going to negotiate their friendship through that?"

The season premiere established that Eve intends to be a bit more hard-nosed than Manny Perez, as we saw her send a capable firefighter back to prison simply because he was busted with a pack of cigarettes.

Controversial TV Takes That Are Sure to Spark Debate

Manny later chastised her for that decision, explaining that the nicotine fiend was one of the top members of the crew.

But Eve probably won't be loosening up anytime soon, and you get that her by-the-books approach will eventually bring her into conflict with Bode, who tends to play fast and loose with the rules.

Eve on Fire Country

Synopses for this season confirm that Bode's redemption arc will once again take center stage, and with a shortened season, you can bet that the plot will continue progressing rapidly.

In other words, don't be surprised if Bode and Eve lock horns as early as episode two.

What do you think, Fire Country fanatics? What would you like to see happen this season? Is it all moving too fast for your taste?

Hit the comments section below to share your thoughts!

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