The M3 MacBook Pro is getting multi-display support, just like the Air

The M3 MacBook Pro is getting multi-display support, just like the Air
By: Engadget Posted On: March 04, 2024 View: 16

Apple revealed some new M3 MacBook Air laptops today and one of the marquee features is that they can drive two external displays while the lid is closed. It’s pretty weird when the Air line gets a feature missing from the beefier MacBook Pro line, but Apple’s on top of it. The company just announced that this feature is also coming to standard M3 MacBook Pro laptops via a software update, as reported by 9to5Mac.

There’s no details as to which software update would include the new tool, though macOS Sonoma 14.4 is in active development, so that’s a possibility. The feature should work exactly how it does with the forthcoming M3 MacBook Air, as the two lines share a processor and a similar architecture.

This update is going to be for 14-inch MacBook Pro laptops with the standard M3 chip. The more powerful versions with the M3 Pro and Max chips can already do this, so the 16-inch model doesn’t require a software update. Prior to this, you could only use the regular M3 MacBook Pro to drive a single external monitor with the lid closed.

Apple Silicon MacBook Pros have been able to drive multiple external displays all the way back to the M1 Pro chip, but never with standard M-series chips. Apple hasn’t offered up a reason as to why this took so long to get going on chips without Pro or Max in the name. In any event, this is going to be huge for current M3 MacBook Pro owners looking for more screen real estate.

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