Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 will be more expensive too

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 will be more expensive too
By: GSMArena Posted On: June 13, 2024 View: 26

Earlier today the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6's pricing leaked showing a $100 increase across the board. And now the Galaxy Z Flip6's versions and their prices have leaked as well, and it's not good news either. Like the Fold6, the Flip6 is getting $100 more expensive than the Flip5 was last year, no matter which variant you go for.

So, there will be two options up for purchase in the US. The entry-level model with 256GB of storage will be priced at $1,099.99, while the one with 512GB of storage will go for $1,219.99.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 will be more expensive too

Of course US pricing doesn't really tell us anything concrete about the rest of the world, but these are not great signs. The dream of cheaper foldables (at least from Samsung) seems dead.

The Galaxy Z Flip6 will be available in Mint, Silver Shadow, yellow, and blue. It will weigh 187g, exactly the same as the Flip5. The main display's size will be the same too at 6.7".

Like the Fold6, the Flip6 is likely to be offered with a "free" storage upgrade upon launch, which means you might be able to get the 512GB model for $1,099.99. Trade-in deals are expected too, as well as other perks like discounts on accessories if you pre-order. These could additionally sweeten the price hike blow somewhat.


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