I am of two minds on the coming election.....

I am of two minds on the coming election.....
By: US Forums Posted On: June 20, 2024 View: 25

......and I can't decide for sure which scenario will play out.

On the one hand, the Democrats (and the RINOs) simply cannot allow Trump to win. Too much is at stake; the exposure of their corruption, Epstien's list, reversal of their policies on the border and illegals, losing the chance to pack the SCOTUS, and exposure and end of their money laundering scheme in the Ukraine. They have to cheat again and they are going to have to cheat big. That's not a huge problem since they got away with it before they simply have to squash dissent like they did before. The January 6th kangaroo trials should squash all attempts from Trump supporters to do more than complain. Seems to me like a solid plan. it would allow things to go on as they have been.

It answers the question of why they haven't replaced Joe biden as the nominee. It doesn't matter how senile and incompetent he is. It also prevents Trump from going to not going to jail and having the time to appeal that ridiculous NY court case. they remain in power, trump goes to jail, and they pack the court, eliminate the 2A and much of the 1st A. Win-win for them.

On the other hand, they could do nothing and allow trump to win the election. Then they can foment massive rioting and unrest, the remaining Democrats will obstruct everything, the media will promote unrest and violence to the point where by the time the mid-terms come around, the people will just want it all to stop. The democrats will blame trump and promise to bring everything back to "normal" as soon as we give them power. The rioting won't stop up to the 2028 election and they will tell Americans that they will stop it. it's all trumps fault. The advantage of this will be that they will say "In order for this to stop, yu must give us the White House so we have can put laws into place that will quell the rioting, and that will give them the power to remove most of our Constitutional rights. Another win-win.

It also answers the question of why they haven't gotten rid of Biden on the 2024 ticket. It will not only give them the power to pack the SCOTUS, but the excuses to eliminate much of our constitutional rights. This scenario does allow Trump to avoid prison temporarily but they will end up with much more power at the end of it than from the first scenario. The left is already talking about resistance. Already talking about ways to thwart Trump's plans for his 2nd term. That makes this scenario seem much more likely.

6 more months to find out.

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