Wait, Could The Terminator Franchise Be Rebooted? Here’s The Latest From James Cameron

James Cameron has directed blockbuster after blockbuster since the first Terminator film debuted in  ...View More

Alexandra Daddario's New TV Show Will Now Be Even Easier For People To Watch, And There's More Good News

As one of the more effortlessly stylish and attention-grabbing celebs out there, Alexandra Daddario  ...View More

Insider Says Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet Are ‘Spending Some Time Together’ Amidst His Holiday Christmas Tree Adventure

Being a celebrity is a tricky thing. While it brings awesome opportunities, it also has downsides– l ...View More

Amy Robach's 20/20 Co-Anchor David Muir And Others At ABC Allegedly Have Strong Feelings About GMA3 Brouhaha With T.J. Holmes

Viewers of GMA3: What You Need to Know, as well as everyone who has been following the brouhaha surr ...View More

Tim Allen's The Santa Clauses Is Giving Viewers A Way To Watch Without A Disney+ Subscription

Following the conclusion of his much-loved ABC-turned-Fox sitcom Last Man Standing, Tim Allen packed ...View More

John Wick 4 Director Chad Stahaelski Reveals A Major Way The Keanu Reeves’ New Setting Will Change The Action

The John Wick film franchise has put out three rock solid action movies with some of the greatest ch ...View More

Hilarious Channel 7 gaffe goes viral

MELBOURNE jogger Erica O’Donnell has gone viral after delivering the ultimate gaffe during a v ...View More

Dave Hughes takes on Sam Kekovich

HE’S been the King of the Australia Day lamb ads for years, but has Dave “Hughesy” ...View More

‘Hang on, aren’t we all boat people?’

THE annual Australia Day lamb ad has become an Aussie tradition. But the latest one has been dubbed  ...View More

Sunscreen leaves kids ‘screaming in pain’

SUNCARE favourite Banana Boat has been slammed by beachgoers after they were left with horrific sunb ...View More

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