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Hair Loss in Women

It was the winter of 1989 when I went bald. And though I knew in advance I’d lose my hair from the c ...View More

How Psoriasis Affects Your Overall Well-Being

More than 7.5 million people in the United States live with psoriasis, a skin disease that causes sc ...View More

Dermatology Tips for Women of Color

We should all love the skin we’re in. While many women have the same goals regarding their skincare  ...View More

The ABCDEs of Spotting Melanoma

1 in 40 women will be affected by melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, in her lifetime.& ...View More

My Melanoma Was Dismissed as an Inflamed Hair Follicle

As told to Nicole Audrey SpectorWhen I first noticed the lump on my bikini line, my instincts told m ...View More

10 Things You Must Know to Enjoy the Sun Safely

It frightens me to think of all the risky things I, and many others, did in childhood. No, I'm not t ...View More

5 Foods to Help You Live to 100 (Really)

With everyone from healthcare providers to influencers weighing in on the best ways to live longer,  ...View More

How Fibroids Impact the Whole Person

Uterine fibroids are common. Most women will have at least one fibroid at some point, but Black wome ...View More

Surviving Lung Cancer Helped Me Embrace the Connection Between Body and Mind

As told to Nicole Audrey SpectorI started experiencing shortness of breath in my late 20s. I went to ...View More

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