December 21, 2022  

The Benefits of Taking a 30-Day Break From Alcohol

Dry January has become increasingly popular in recent years, but we’ll be the first ones to say it:  ...View More

Nike Training Club workout videos coming to Netflix on December 30th

Netflix announced today that Nike Training Club workout videos are heading to the streaming service. ...View More

Okta had another security incident, this time involving stolen source code

Okta is responding to a major security incident for the second time this year. As first reported by  ...View More

Two men allegedly hacked JFK's taxi dispatch system with Russian help

Would you pay a few bucks to skip an interminably long taxi wait line at the airport? That's essenti ...View More

Twitter appears to be blocking Google Voice numbers from SMS authentication

Twitter appears to have cut off Google Voice numbers from two-factor authentication (2FA). Although  ...View More

The Guardian hit by suspected ransomware attack

Prominent news organizations are high-value targets for hackers and it appears that The Guardian is  ...View More

NASA officially retires its InSight Mars lander

After two consecutive failed attempts to re-establish contact, NASA on Wednesday officially called a ...View More

Novel Reading in 2022

Following my annual practice, I have listed here my “novel” reading for 2022. This is a way of  ...View More

Canada plans to enforce an ambitious zero-emission vehicle sales quota by 2026

The Canadian government has announced enforceable quotas for zero-emission vehicle sales. By 2026, a ...View More

Two people charged with hacking Ring security cameras to livestream swattings

In a reminder of smart home security’s dark side, two people hacked Ring security cameras to livestr ...View More

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