March 25, 2023  

Bill Maher Says Sports is the Only Merit-Based Industry Left in America

  TMZ     March 25, 2023

Bill Maher has weighed in on nepo babies, and he's got ...View More

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore has passed away

Gordon Moore, co-founder and former CEO of Intel, has passed away at 94. He was the last surviving m ...View More

Redmi 12C is launching in India on March 30

The Redmi 12C, announced in China last December, will debut in India on March 30. It's powered by th ...View More

Shin's birdie run good for share of LPGA Tour lead

10:48 PM ETAssociated Press GOLD CANYON, Ariz. -- Jenny Shin of South Korea had a run of five straig ...View More

Travel philosophies for the well-traveled

How should you choose your next trip?  I can see a few general philosophies on the table: 1. Pr ...View More

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