June 02, 2023  

The Most Popular Animes of All Time

Anime as a genre has a diehard following that includes fans from all over the globe. Anime is kno ...View More

Packers receiver believes Jordan Love is just like having Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Romeo Doubs expressed his belief that quarterback Jordan Love can be ...View More

Best Jesse Eisenberg Movies, Ranked

Jesse Eisenberg has been in some of the greatest movies released in the last decade. He has also  ...View More

Austrian Qualifier Ofner Reaches First Grand Slam Fourth Round

Sebastian Ofner has been one of the surprise packages this year at Roland Garros, with the Austrian  ...View More

James Wan Explains How He Managed the Changes of the DCU in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Having directed the first part released in 2018, James Wan already had enough experience with shoot ...View More

Jim Jordan Is Now Trying To Protect Trump From Jack Smith

You know things are getting serious for Trump when Rep. Jim Jordan wades in and demands informati ...View More

John Carpenter Remotely Directed Upcoming Series Suburban Screams

It's not the sequel to The Thing, but a John Carpenter-directed project will soon be available. Acc ...View More

Wrong Turn Writer Wants More Sequels

Alan B. McElroy, the writer of Wrong Turn (2003) and Wrong Turn (2021), wants to make more sequels  ...View More

The Boogeyman Director Rob Savage on How Horror Conquers Fear

Rob Savage is one of the most exciting emerging filmmakers today, and he's making a huge transition ...View More

James Wan Says Aquaman 2 Addresses Climate Change in a 'Big Way'

This year will finally see the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the superhero sequel that h ...View More

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