November 20, 2023  

Judges Appear To Be Leaning Toward Reinstating Trump Gag Order

After two hours of arguments, it appears that the federal appeals court was leaning toward reinstati ...View More

Polyend's $799 Play+ has a shot a being the ultimate groovebox

In 2022 Polyend announced the Play, a fascinating sample-based groovebox and MIDI sequencer that was ...View More

X CEO calls article that led to latest brand exodus 'misleading and manipulated'

X CEO Linda Yaccarino called a report from a watchdog group that led to a large-scale advertiser pul ...View More

Amazon Black Friday deals include the Dyson Airwrap for its lowest price yet

Amazon has the Dyson Airwrap on sale for a record low. The innovative styling tool uses air rather t ...View More

Opinion: Taxpayer-Funded Elon Musk Plans to Use X to Push Hard Right Political Ads

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino’s son Matt Madrazo is in charge of monetizing Twitter’s hard-right turn  ...View More

Cass Sunstein on liberalism

An excellent and benchmark piece (NYT).  Excerpt: 30. Liberals like laughter. They are anti-ant ...View More

Abbott Elementary Season 3: Episode Count, Plot, Release Date and Everything Else You Need to Know

No one can resist the humor from Abbott Elementary. But like most successful workplace comedies  ...View More

NBC Hits the Ground Running with New Shows in December! When are Your Faves Returning?

NBC is wasting no time getting their beloved programming back on the air. This should make TV Fa ...View More

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