November 21, 2023  

Anthropic's ChatGPT rival Claude can now analyze 150,000 words in one prompt

OpenAI rival Anthropic launched Claude 2.1 today. The latest version of the ChatGPT rival boosts its ...View More

Fox News Downplays Biden Middle East Ceasefire And Hostage Deal

The announcement is imminent that Israel and Hamas have reached a deal on a ceasefire and the releas ...View More

Black Friday 2023: The 60 best deals you can get right now from Amazon, Target, Walmart and others

Black Friday is right around the corner, but we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve felt like it’s been her ...View More

Father of liberalism? (there is always another book)

Father of liberalism? (there is always another book) - Marginal REVOLUTION  ...View More

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Will Either Help or Hinder the Franchise

It's a story years in the making; truthfully, we're surprised we're actually getting it. As prev ...View More

Sonos' long-rumored headphones will reportedly arrive by April 2024

Sonos is planning to enter new markets over the next couple of years. The company, which currently m ...View More

Teenage Engineering made a toy car that costs $250

Teenage Engineering just revealed a, uh, toy car/doodad that costs $250. Yes, it’s $250 for a little ...View More

Wheely-X lets wheelchair users work out on the spot

Runners have treadmills for stationary indoor training, while cyclists have rollers and rowers have  ...View More

Meta’s Content Library provides researchers with digital ‘clean room’ for data access

Meta announced that it is rolling out new tools that will give eligible researchers access to data f ...View More

How To Get Away With Murder Cast: Where Are They Now?

Back in its heyday, How To Get Away With Murder was one of the hottest shows on television. Thur ...View More

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