February 20, 2024  

James Comer And Jim Jordan Were Duped By Russian Spies

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Lara Trump Admits The Trump Family Will Be Running The RNC

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Beyoncé Makes History as “Texas Hold ’Em” Tops Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart

One of Beyoncé’s new songs, “Texas Hold ’Em,” has landed at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs&n ...View More

New 3D-printing ink changes color for different parts of one print job

Scientists have created a 3D-printing media that can take on different colors in different parts of  ...View More

Parish Sneak Peek: Watch Giancarlo Esposito in AMC's New Crime Drama

Buckle up, Gus Fring fans, because Giancarlo Esposito is back in a new crime drama ready to take y ...View More

Apple says the iPhone 15’s battery has double the promised lifespan

Apple has updated the iPhone 15’s battery lifespan. The company said on Tuesday its latest iPhones c ...View More

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