March 04, 2024  

Shure’s first wireless lapel mic can connect to your phone without a receiver

On Tuesday, Shure unveiled its better-late-than-never entry into the creator-focused wireless consum ...View More

Why Jason and Travis Kelce could be the next $100 million podcasters

Star offensive lineman Jason Kelce retired from the NFL on Monday after 13 seasons with the Philadel ...View More

National Guardsman who leaked US defense secrets on Discord agrees to 16-year plea deal

Jack Teixeira, the Massachusetts Air National Guardsman accused of leaking classified defense secret ...View More

Nasdaq has gone more than 300 days without a major pullback. Does that mean a shakeout is overdue?

The tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 has gone 303 trading sessions without a pullback of 2.5% or more, the thir ...View More

Video: Orca makes first-known solo attack on a great white shark

For the first time ever, a lone orca has been observed killing and eating a great white shark. Altho ...View More

Claude 3 Opus as economic analyst

[embedded content] Via Francis Santora, Hudson County, NJ. Adblock test (Why?)

GitLab’s weak earnings guidance is punishing its stock

GitLab Inc.’s stock dropped 12% in after-hours trading Monday after the company posted quarterly res ...View More

The last two scenarios when U.S. stocks went up this quickly? During the dot-com bubble and after recessions.

The historic stock-market rally has shown few signs of stopping since October — with the S&P 500 ...View More

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