April 12, 2024  

The Great Replacement Theory and the dishonest ‘noncitizen voting’ issue

The Great Replacement Theory and the dishonest ‘noncitizen voting’ issue melds Trump’s two favor ...View More

Palm Royale's Campy Comedy Proves That Not All Female-Driven Shows Need to Be Dour

Splashy and flashy (but not really trashy), Palm Royale on Apple TV+ fits easily into the ranks of ...View More

Avalanche Studios devs have reached a contract agreement in bid to unionize

Late last year, over 100 employees of Avalanche Studios, the makers of Just Cause, announced an inte ...View More

WhatsApp is getting an AI chatbot because of course it is

AI chatbots are slowly but surely infiltrating every app we use, and the latest one is WhatsApp. Met ...View More

Goosebumps Season 2: Everything We Know So Far About the New Chapter

Children of the '90s were a different breed, thriving on all that was scary and traumatizing, from ...View More

Google, a $1.97 trillion company, is protesting California's plan to pay journalists

Google, the search giant that brought in more than $73 billion in profit last year, is protesting a  ...View More

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