April 15, 2024  

Shogun Dodges White Savior Tropes at Every Turn, Despite Some Critics' Claims

Shogun has skyrocketed to the top of the streaming ratings, a little over a month since its initia ...View More

Rode's $90 MagSafe mount lets you attach pro lights and mics to your iPhone

Modern iPhone cameras are extremely capable video recorders, but typically require accessories like  ...View More

IDC: Samsung back as top smartphone vendor, market up 7.8%

IDC's report on the global smartphone market in Q1 of 2024 revaled that Samsung regained the top spo ...View More

Tiny Crowd Shows Up To Support Trump At Trial

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }body .ns-inline a.ns-button, body .ns-inline .ns-total-share-co ...View More

Disney+ may add cable-style streaming channels focused on Marvel and Star Wars

Disney is reportedly planning to add linear cable-style streaming channels to Disney+. According to  ...View More

Saying Goodbye to Curb: Why Larry David Was the Social Justice Knight We Needed

"Because he's the hero Los Angeles deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll laugh at ...View More

Trump Is Reportedly Unresponsive And Sleeping At Criminal Trial

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