Marginal Revolution  

Access to Medical Data Saves Lives

ProPublica: In January, the Biden administration pledged to increase public access to a wide array o ...View More

Very good sentences

Yesterday, someone asked me to elaborate on talent picking and why “narrowing the subset” matters. I ...View More

My Conversation with the very excellent Masaaki Suzuki

Here is the audio, video, and transcript, we recorded in NYC.  Here is the episode summary: A c ...View More

Dwarkesh Patel with Patrick Collison

Here is my episode with @patrickc We discuss: – what it takes to process $1 trillion/year– how to b ...View More

Paragraphs to ponder

But anyone who actually wants to help people will eventually find themselves occupying positions of  ...View More

Nixonian Politics and Student Debt Cancellations

In the political economy chapter of our textbook, Modern Principles of Economics, Tyler and I discus ...View More

The commercial impact of Sora

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one excerpt: The more clear and present dan ...View More

Scott Sumner on Nato

He titles his post What Tyler and Trump get wrong about NATO, excerpt: I believe that both Trump and ...View More

Israel facts of the day

GDP declined by an annualised 19.4 per cent compared with the third quarter. On a pure quarter-by-qu ...View More

Random Admissions Above the Bar

Jon Klick, Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School (and a distinguished  ...View More

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