Marginal Revolution  

Does visiting South Africa make you more right-wing or more left-wing?

Perhaps “both” is the correct answer? The right-wing tendencies are easiest to explain.  South  ...View More

Is Apple paying OpenAI, or vice versa?

I do not know.  Am I wrong to think that in optimal contracts theory there should be payments g ...View More

Muller on Capitalism

Jerry Z. Muller, author of the classic The Mind and the Market: Capitalism in Western Thought, is my ...View More

Terence Tao on AI and mathematics

With formalization projects, what we’ve noticed is that you can collaborate with people who don’t un ...View More

Why you should visit Cape Town, South Africa

First, it is one of the most beautiful cities and surrounding environs.  I would put it on a pa ...View More

South Africa and its history

Almost three years earlier, a sombre Paul Kruger had warned that Britain would find conquering the B ...View More

AI and Truth Evasion

A good insight from Eliot Higgins, the head of the intelligence service Bellingcat. When a lot of pe ...View More

Where and how to eat in Cape Town, South Africa

Don’t laugh, but basically you want to eat in the restaurants with the beautiful women.  And wi ...View More

Backlash effects are real, for drug policy too

It was less than two years ago that officials in British Columbia, the epicenter of Canada’s drug  ...View More

Haan, goonda hai, magar hamara goonda hai

In India it’s common for politicians to have criminal cases against them. Why do voters vote for cri ...View More

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