Tara Reade Falsely Accused Biden Of Sexual Assault And Now She’s Defected Russia

Tara Reade falsely accused Joe Biden of sexual assault during the 2020 presidential campaign and  ...View More

House Democrats Signal They Won’t Rescue McCarthy From Motion To Vacate

As far-right conservatives are making noise about filing a motion to vacate against Kevin McCarth ...View More

Kevin McCarthy Makes It Sound Like He Is Trying To Force Children To Get Jobs

Twice on Tuesday, Speaker Kevin McCarty discussed the debt limit bill in a way that sounded like  ...View More

House MAGAs Are Losing It Because They Can’t Crash The Economy For Trump

The House Freedom Caucus held a press conference on Tuesday, complaining that the debt limit deal ...View More

A Goldmine For Jack Smith As Lawyer Says He Wasn’t Allowed To Search Trump’s Office

Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran has provided evidence that he wasn’t allowed to search Trump’s Mar-a-L ...View More

Rep. Nancy Mace Complains Republicans Got Outsmarted by a Man Who Can’t Find His Pants

Republican Representative Nancy Mace began her Tuesday morning post debt ceiling “deal” bemoaning ...View More

Republican Cowards Complain About Getting Owned By Biden In Debt Limit Deal But Won’t Bring Motion To Vacate

House Republicans are realizing that Kevin McCarthy got owned by Biden on the debt limit deal, bu ...View More

Kevin McCarthy Thanks Biden As He Spins Debt Limit Defeat

In a moment that was the height of delusion, Kevin McCarthy tried to pretend like he and Biden ar ...View More

MAGA Has Failed In Their Goal To Sabotage Biden

The whole point of the GOP’s debt limit drama was to provoke a recession to sabotage Biden before ...View More

GOP Meltdown As Rand Paul Realizes Republicans Have Been Duped By Kevin McCarthy

Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are realizing that they have been duped and Speaker McCart ...View More

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