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Meet the Diprotodon's ancestor, the original big flat-footed marsupial

Scientists have identified an ancient marsupial for the first time, whose special adaptations allowe ...View More

Starry skies and scenery steal the show in Milky Way photo competition

Our gorgeous galaxy is once again the focus of an astrophotography collection. Travel photography bl ...View More

Bombardier moves to second prototype of its blended-wing Ecojet

Bombardier says it's stepping up prototype testing on its blended-wing Ecojet project, aiming to use ...View More

Blood biomarkers reveal impact of tumor-removal surgery on brain cells

Surgery to remove brain tumors comes with risks, one being that it may cause damage to the surroundi ...View More

6,000-mile plume spurts from icy moon into water "donut" around Saturn

Saturn’s moon Enceladus is famous for its plumes that spray water into space. Now the James Webb Spa ...View More

Dog personality determined by much more than breed, study finds

The bond between humans and dogs has existed for thousands of years. Often, the decision to get a Ro ...View More

Brain function found to decline rapidly in years after a heart attack

Recovery from a heart attack is most often focused on lifestyle changes to support and protect cardi ...View More

Bizarre 460-foot "battery tanker" set to ship electrons by 2026

Japanese company PowerX is moving ahead with its strange plan to build a "mobile power station" in t ...View More

Genetic study reveals why Scottish woman feels no pain, heals faster

A few years ago, Scottish woman Jo Cameron was found to be a medical marvel who felt next to no pain ...View More

How what you eat affects the depth of your slumber

We know how diet can affect general health, but what effect does it have on sleep specifically? A ne ...View More

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