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Trump And Abortion Top Voter Concerns In Leaked GOP Memo

The memo, a national issue analysis by the Republican pollster co/efficient, found the Senate ge ...View More

'I will destroy leftism in America': DeSantis makes confident 2024 prediction

This is a good interview with DeSantis. One thing I might add. DeSantis seems go be avoiding the ...View More

This Video Proves Election Fraud In AZ

This video spells everything out in great detail how Katie Hobbs rigged the election and stole t ...View More

THOUSANDS of fraudulent registrations found requesting absentee ballots on NY voter rolls: study

Wow is anyone surprised though?A new study has revealed that a "Loss of Control" breach has occu ...View More

Real Time Elections Fix

The 2022 stolen Arizona governor's election is an ideal template for 2024 — and it is equally a mirr ...View More

Are NY Democrats Trying To Erase The GOP From Their Ballots?

May 21, 2023Another 'mistake' in New York: Nearly a million registered voters become 'Democrats' ...View More

Desantis Is A Knights Of Columbus Tool

" Desantis Is A Knights Of Columbus Tool "* Government Moochers Promoting Inundation Of US With Ille ...View More

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