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Niki Haley Blames Trump For Navalny's Death

Trump killed Navalny Evidence emerged for that not Putin but Trump kill ...View More

Tax Time -- Election Year

So I just did my taxes. I just use the simple 1040 form. I don't bother with saving receipts a ...View More

Trump Campaign Message: "I’m being indicted for you, the Black population"

Your thread headline is a lie. Trump never said it. But he is correct in that h ...View More

The Theory That Mail-in Voting Is Secure Just Died a Horrible Death

That article says almost nothing other than "give us money"....People have a right to vote. Ther ...View More

Do You Think Trump Will Be The 2024 Republican Nominee?

I am a Constitutional, Nationalistic, Independent, Conservative who is totally opposed to the Uni-Pa ...View More

I Still Never Figured Out How People Believe That The Election Of 2020 Was Legit

Although I've mostly given up this topic, I just have a couple of questions. What ...View More

Hillary Clinton: If you're pro-life, vote Trump

I don't put a lot of stock in anything Hillary Clinton says, especially since she called for the gen ...View More

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Striking Down NYC Voting Rights for Foreigners

NYC law that would have allowed 800K non-citizens to vote struck as unconstitutional by appeals cour ...View More

WHo is behind trump?

Prosecutors have revealed that the so called whistleblower in the impeachment inquiry was feedin ...View More

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