Progress in Political Economy (PPE)  

Seminar: Jamie Martin, ‘The Meddlers: Sovereignty, Empire and the Birth of Global Economic Governance’

Political Economy SeminarThe Meddlers: Sovereignty, Empire and the Birth of Global Economic Governan ...View More

Norms in a Post-Hegemonic World Order

Once the domain of nation-states, global governance is increasingly defined by the language and inst ...View More

Class War: A Literary History

My new book Class War is a literary history, but it is committed to literature as something mor ...View More

CfP Dancing the Dialectic

International Studies Association (ISA), San Francisco (3-6 April 2024)Panel Title: Dancing the dial ...View More

4 Talking Points from Karl Marx’s Grundrisse

The Value, Health and Radical Needs Reading Group spent 15 months slowly and carefully reading Karl  ...View More

Towards a ‘field theory’ of global political economy

In 1976, Robert Gilpin distinguished three contrasting political economy perspectives: liberalism, M ...View More

The history and future of the tax state I: Fiscal accounting and capitalist change

Political economists often place the state at the centre of explanations of change in capitalism. Th ...View More

Dealing with everyday insecurity in the competitive city

Oaxaca is a pretty city for tourists. Colonial architecture painted in warm, earthy colours, the won ...View More

Jamie Peck, Public Lecture: On the frontier of party-state capitalism

Public Lecture: Jamie Peck, ‘On the frontier of party-state capitalism: Hong Kong, Guangdong & t ...View More

Nancy Fraser, Cannibal Capitalism

In what is an important reflection on the political stakes for wider Marxist Feminist theory, Cinzia ...View More

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