The Morning After: Will AI be your next lawyer?

In a new study, University of Minnesota law professors used ChatGPT AI chatbot to answer graduate ex ...View More

Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 are $55 off right now

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent c ...View More

Apple reportedly delays development of its own WiFi chips

Apple has "halted the development" of its own WiFi chip that was meant to replace Broadcom's in its  ...View More

Chrome can now lock Incognito tabs on Android behind biometric authentication

Google is rolling out a feature to Android that will add an extra layer of privacy when you browse w ...View More

NYC wants all Uber and Lyft cars to be electric by 2030

It might not be long before every ridesharing car in New York City is electric. Mayor Eric Adams has ...View More

IK's iRig Stream Mic Pro is a do-it-all microphone for musicians and content creators

IK Multimedia has launched the iRig Stream Mic Pro designed to be more versatile than typical multim ...View More

Jail threats stop AI 'robot lawyer' from making its debut in court

Joshua Browder, the CEO of New York startup DoNotPay, recently announced that his company's AI will  ...View More

Apple now offers less for some iPhone trade-ins

Following the recent announcement of the HomePod and new M2 MacBook Pros, as noted by MacRumors  ...View More

Tesla's volatile Q4 couldn't dampen its record setting year

Between its ongoing supply chain constraints, brutal rounds of layoffs and a plummeting stock price, ...View More

Donald Trump will get his Facebook and Instagram accounts back 'in the coming weeks'

More than two years after Meta extended former President Donald Trump’s “indefinite” suspension from ...View More

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