Google reportedly plans to let companies use AI-generated ad content

Google reportedly plans to let companies use AI-generated ad content
By: Engadget Posted On: April 20, 2023 View: 3263

Google's advertising customers will soon be able to use the company's generative artificial intelligence to create ad campaigns, according to the Financial Times. Apparently, the tech giant is gearing up to embed its generative AI, the same technology powering its Bard chatbot, into its Performance Max program. Performance Max can already help customers determine where their ads should run and generate simple ad copy. But the Times' says the AI's addition will give it the capability to create sophisticated campaigns similar to those designed by marketing agencies. 

The company has reportedly shown ad customers a presentation entitled "AI-powered ads 2023," telling them that its technology can generate advertisements based on the imagery, video and text they supply. In addition, Google told them that the ads its AI creates will fit the audience they aim to reach and will be designed to enable them to reach sales targets and other goals. 

At least one person expressed concerns about the possibility of Google's ad tool spreading misinformation, the Times says, because it could be optimized to convert new customers with no concern for facts. Back when Google posted on ad on Twitter about Bard, for instance, the chatbot spouted a falsehood claiming that the James Webb Space Telescope had taken "the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system." In truth, it was the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope that took the very first images of exoplanets that we had ever seen. Google has assured the Financial Times that it will put firm guardrails in place to prevent errors and misinformation when it rolls out AI-powered ads in the coming months. 

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