'I will destroy leftism in America': DeSantis makes confident 2024 prediction

This is a good interview with DeSantis. One thing I might add. DeSantis seems go be avoiding the ...View More

Republican Cowards Complain About Getting Owned By Biden In Debt Limit Deal But Won’t Bring Motion To Vacate

House Republicans are realizing that Kevin McCarthy got owned by Biden on the debt limit deal, bu ...View More

This Video Proves Election Fraud In AZ

This video spells everything out in great detail how Katie Hobbs rigged the election and stole t ...View More

Kevin McCarthy Thanks Biden As He Spins Debt Limit Defeat

In a moment that was the height of delusion, Kevin McCarthy tried to pretend like he and Biden ar ...View More

MAGA Has Failed In Their Goal To Sabotage Biden

The whole point of the GOP’s debt limit drama was to provoke a recession to sabotage Biden before ...View More

GOP Meltdown As Rand Paul Realizes Republicans Have Been Duped By Kevin McCarthy

Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are realizing that they have been duped and Speaker McCart ...View More

Top House Democrat Calls Out Republican Drama Queens For Getting Nothing In Debt Limit Deal

House Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) asked what all the drama was about after Re ...View More

Hakeem Jeffries Humiliates Kevin McCarthy By Catching Him In A Huge Lie

Kevin McCarthy went on national television and lied about Hakeem Jeffries, so the House Democrati ...View More

Biden Played Kevin McCarthy In Debt Limit Deal

Kevin McCarthy promised significant cuts, and he didn’t deliver. He promised massive work require ...View More

The Trump Family Is Now Threatening To Hurt Ron DeSantis

Kimberly Guilfoyle warned that Ron DeSantis is going to get hurt and end up in the junkyard if he ...View More

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