From the comments, on OWS and PEPFAR

There is somewhat of an intellectual void in Republican leadership over the past 20 years. Occasion ...View More

New issue of Econ Journal Watch

This is now twenty years of Econ Journal Watch, congratulations to Dan Klein!  Here is the tabl ...View More


The Political Economy Society at the University of Sydney are putting out a call for interest on the ...View More

Diálogos neoliberales: un enfoque desde la economía política espacial

En una nueva temporada del blog “Progress in Political Economy (PPE)” tendremos, ocasionalmente, con ...View More

*The Creator* (movie review with spoilers)

This movie was deeper and more philosophical than I was expecting.  Imagine a Buddhism that dec ...View More

Work From Home Works

It took firms decades to adjust to electricity by redesigning factories, products, and workflows to  ...View More

PEPFAR has been a great achievement

PEPFAR is the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, started by George W. Bush in 2003. Ov ...View More

Sentences to ponder, scientific fraud edition

In 2015, a big team of researchers tried to redo 100 psychology studies, and about 60% fai ...View More

Oxford fact of the day, medieval murder edition

The research suggests that Oxford’s student population was by far the most lethally violent soc ...View More

Meta AI plus glasses

Okay this is sick — Daniel (@growing_daniel) September 28, 2023 Adbl ...View More

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