Walmart says it’s no longer advertising on X

Walmart has seen enough from X. The retailer, America’s single biggest employer and largest company  ...View More

The Game Awards raises an old question: What does indie mean?

The Game Awards got it wrong this year. One of the titles nominated for Best Independent Game, Dave  ...View More

Google’s new AI experiment composes abstract musical clips inspired by instruments

Google’s new generative AI experiment lets you create music “inspired by” over 100 instruments world ...View More

What did an iPhone camera do to this poor woman's arms?

A woman was photographed standing in front of two mirrors with an iPhone camera, but the actual phot ...View More

Meta's apps are still promoting child predation content, report finds

Meta is failing to stop vast networks of people using its platform to promote child abuse content, a ...View More

A big Analogue Pocket restock is coming, but cart adapters are delayed again

The acclaimed Analogue Pocket multi-system portable handheld console is a bona fide hit. It’s so pop ...View More

Telegram now offers all users limited transcriptions of voice messages

Telegram has released a major update for its iOS and Android apps that includes an array of new and  ...View More

Researchers quantify the carbon footprint of generating AI images

Researchers at the AI startup Hugging Face collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University and discover ...View More

All the best Cyber Monday deals that are still live on Amazon right now

Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but quite a few of the deals are still live. We're also seeing  ...View More

Apple's MacBook Pro M3 is on sale for $200 off

The just-released Apple MacBook Pro M3 is already on sale. You can snag the 14-inch model for $1,600 ...View More

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