The Morning After: Apple addresses iPhone 15 overheating issues

Apple has acknowledged its new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro can get uncomfortably hot. The company said back ...View More

Meta's ad-free Instagram and Facebook plan could cost EU users nearly $17 per month

Meta may charge Instagram users in Europe a $14 per month subscription fee unless they opt in to tar ...View More

X sues X in trademark infringement lawsuit

Elon Musk's X Corp is facing what could be the first of several lawsuits related to its name. A Flor ...View More

The original Apple Watch lineup is officially obsolete

Apple's first generation Watch is now officially obsolete, including the Hermes and $17,000 18-karat ...View More

Tesla now offers a $43,990 rear-wheel drive Model Y in the US

Tesla has quietly updated its Model Y page to add a new option for buyers in the US: A rear-wheel dr ...View More

One of the brightest objects in the night sky is a human-made satellite

A prototype satellite has become one of the brightest objects in the night sky, and it may soon be a ...View More

X is working on game streaming and live shopping features

Elon Musk is looking to new video features, including game streaming and live shopping, as part of h ...View More

TikTok might be exploring an ad-free subscription plan

TikTok might be exploring new ways to make the app more profitable by playing around with an ad-free ...View More

Loog's baby digital piano could be the perfect starter instrument for newbies

Loog is a company known for manufacturing fantastic starter instruments for kids, with the company’s ...View More

The best early Amazon October Prime Day Deals for 2023

Amazon's second Prime-related event for 2023 is officially called Prime Big Deal Days and will happe ...View More

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