The Morning After: Netflix’s new gaming boss is a former Epic Games exec

Netflix has hired Alain Tascan as its new president of games. Before joining Netflix, Tascan was exe ...View More

Humble Games reportedly lays off its entire staff

Humble Games has reportedly laid off all 36 of its staff. Former employees posted about the layoffs  ...View More

Netflix hires former Epic Games exec as new President of Games

Netflix has landed a notable new leader for its rapidly-expanding gaming endeavors. Variety reported ...View More

The Cybertruck is coming to Fortnite and Rocket League because we're being punished

Video games are supposed to provide us an escape from the grinding and anger produced on an average  ...View More

A Call of Duty game is coming to Xbox Game Pass, just not one anyone wants

Microsoft has been taking a lot of hits over its Xbox Game Pass price hike and the overall lackluste ...View More

Russia-linked hackers cut heat to 600 Ukrainian apartment buildings in the dead of winter, researchers say

Cybersecurity company Dragos has flagged malware that can attack industrial control systems (ICS), t ...View More

US and European antitrust regulators agree to do their jobs when it comes to AI

Regulators in the US and Europe have laid out the "shared principles" they plan to adhere to in orde ...View More

Lego's first Fortnite sets are here

Lego just announced its first sets inspired by the gaming phenomenon Fortnite. These kits draw from  ...View More

A Google Nest Wi-Fi 6E three-pack is back on sale for $285

So much relies on Wi-Fi — your TV, music, games, smart home devices, possibly even your alarm clock  ...View More

Meta AI is now available in Spanish, Portugese, French and more

Meta AI launched in September 2023 using the Llama 2 learning language model. Nearly a year later, M ...View More

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