Those who graduate from college late in life

It is generally agreed upon that most individuals who acquire a college degree do so in their early  ...View More

John Stuart Mill and character development

Written by me, here is a passage from GOAT: Who is the Greatest Economist of All Time, and Why Shoul ...View More

Father of liberalism? (there is always another book)

Father of liberalism? (there is always another book) - Marginal REVOLUTION  ...View More

Best non-fiction books of 2023

In the order I read them, more or less, rather than in the order of preference.  And behind the ...View More

Cass Sunstein on liberalism

An excellent and benchmark piece (NYT).  Excerpt: 30. Liberals like laughter. They are anti-ant ...View More

The Indian Challenge to Blockchains: Digital Public Goods

In my post, Blockchains and the Opportunity of the Commons, I explored the potential of blockchains  ...View More

Solving for the equilibrium

We remain committed to our partnership with OpenAI and have confidence in our product roadmap, our  ...View More

My favorite fiction books of 2023

These were my favorite fictional works from this year’s reading: Mircea Cartarescu, Solenoid.   ...View More

Labor market evidence from ChatGPT

So far some of the main effects are quite egalitarian: Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds ...View More

What do we know about non-profit boards?

In fact, however, a reasonable consensus of experts on NPOs [non-profit organizations] agrees that t ...View More

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