Political Language in Economics

LLMs are going to reveal many of the world’s secrets: Does academic writing in economics reflect the ...View More

My excellent Conversation with Benjamin Moser

Here is the audio, video, and transcript.  Here is the episode summary: Benjamin Moser is a Pul ...View More

Santa Marta (Colombia) and birdwatching bleg

Later this month I will be going to Santa Marta, in northern Colombia, with my sister.  We have ...View More

The Screwworm

The Atlantic: Screwworms once killed millions of dollars’ worth of cattle a year in the southern U. ...View More

Did Norwegian schools actually ban cell phones?

Some commentators are suggesting no real ban was in effect.  I went back to the Sara Abrahamsso ...View More

Emergent Ventures Africa and Caribbean, fifth cohort

Mwigereri Dorcas, Kenya, for research using machine learning techniques for solar energy distributio ...View More

I can only wonder what Alice Munro would have said (it’s happening)

Sir Demis Hassabis just showed a super low latency demo of Google’s multimodal AI assistant on your ...View More

Alice Munro, RIP

One of the very greatest of all writers, ever. The great Alice Munro has died. ...View More

Free Trade with Free Nations

Alec Stapp points out that Canada is the only NATO country that has a free trade agreement with the  ...View More

Restriction of output for me, but not for thee?

Belgium has passed a law stating that the government can intervene in cases where prostitutes refus ...View More

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