How Republicans with Presidential Ambitions Can Dispose of Trump

How Republicans with Presidential Ambitions Can Dispose of Trump
By: US Forums Posted On: June 02, 2023 View: 86

Trump is notorious for his egomaniacal, evidence-free, emotionally-driven ravings.

It is amusing that he got the elections assbackwards in both 2016 and 2020!

In 2016, he admitted that he "really assumed that I lost." He decisively lost the popular vote, but it is the electoral vote the is determinative.

Most Americans consistently opined that he stunk for four years, but he inexplicably expected that documented revulsion to produce a decisive victory in 2020! Go figure!

In 2020, he falsely brayed that he had "won in a landslide!", and still can't handle the truth, despite every legal challenge everywhere confirming his loss.

His loser rallies offer the antithesis of his various concurrent fact-based legal waterloos, resulting in a Monty Pythonesque concatenation of strut and pratfall, fiction vs truth.

His rivals might want to perpetuate his whining and wallowing. They'd do well to encourage his retrogressive preoccupation with his delusions of yesteryear - E.g.,
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"You know, the wall is built!...
We did a great job in the wall.
Remember, the wall, they said it could never be done.
One of the largest infrastructure projects

we've ever had in this country...!"

The best strategy may be to encourage him to brood over his nutty notions, humor him, and indulge his fantasies.

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"I respectfully cede my time to Don John -
as his opportunity to finally present all his evidence of a 'stolen' election,
and to finally expose all those mysterious 'thieves' and

explain how all those wily dastards did it!"

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