Trump Is Reportedly Unresponsive And Sleeping At Criminal Trial

Trump Is Reportedly Unresponsive And Sleeping At Criminal Trial
By: PoliticusUSA Posted On: April 15, 2024 View: 24

Donald Trump is reportedly not responding to notes from his lawyer, and falling asleep at his criminal trial.

Maggie Haberman said on CNN to Jake Tapper:

Well, Jake, he appeared to be asleep and repeatedly, his head would fall down. There have been other moments in other trials, like the E. Jean Carroll trial, which was around the corner in January, where he appeared very still, and it seemed as if he might be sleeping, but then he would move this time. He didn’t pay attention to a note that his lawyer Todd Blanche passed to him. His jaw kept falling on his chest, and his mouth kept going slack. Now, you know, sometimes people do fall asleep during court proceedings, but it’s notable given the intensity of this morning.


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Republicans keep trying to sell voters on the idea that President Biden is too old to be president, but Donald Trump can’t stay awake and paying attention at his own criminal trial. Trump is showing that he lacks the energy and stamina for the [residency.

The ex-president’s freedom is on the line, and he can’t keep his eyes open. As the American people saw over the weekend when he tried to campaign in Pennsylvania, something seems seriously wrong with Donald Trump.

And unlike Trump, voters need to wake up to this GOP con.

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