Steelers sign free agent with worst name possible for playing in Pittsburgh

Steelers sign free agent with worst name possible for playing in Pittsburgh
By: FanSided Posted On: March 25, 2023 View: 44

The Pittsburgh Steelers have added former Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Le’Raven Clark in his NFL free agency.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to beat the arch rival Baltimore Ravens with the help of one Le’Raven Clark going forward.

Pittsburgh signed the former Tennessee Titans offensive lineman on Friday evening. While most people do not even know who he is, Yinzers know that the Ravens are bad. However, they may have to change their tone on this with Clark coming aboard to play for Mike Tomlin this year. Here is to Clark pancaking a Bengal or two in primetime, enough for us all to say, “That’s so Le’Raven!”

You would be lying to yourself if you did not think about the former Disney Channel staple in this…

This is a so-so signing for the Steelers, but will it help Pittsburgh close the gap in the AFC North?

Pittsburgh Steelers add Le’Raven Clark from Tennessee Titans in NFL free agency

Let’s be real. This signing only merits a post because the player’s given name is the same of the Steelers’ biggest rival. It gets old fast, but low-hanging fruit is low-hanging fruit. Regardless, the Steelers need to push for playoff contention this season. They have an excellent defense and an underrated offense, but it remains to be seen if they can really challenge the big boys in the AFC.

Kansas City is the top banana in the conference, followed closely behind by Cincinnati and Buffalo, in that order. But after that, I think you can argue for any number of teams in that No. 4 spot in the AFC. Not to say Pittsburgh is ready to be the best non-division winner in the sport, but they are not that far away from the Baltimores and the Los Angeles Chargers of the world. They are close.

Ultimately, we are going to need to see a little more out of Tomlin this season. The expectation is for Kenny Pickett to improve, but Ben Roethlisberger’s successor does not have all that high of a ceiling to begin with. We know that the Steelers will finish with a winning record because that is what they do. However, nine wins again is probably not going to cut it. That keeps them mid-tier.

If Clark can help protect Pickett better or give Najee Harris more room to run, then that’ll be cool.

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