Stupid Super Bowl Saturday idea is far worse than any change the NFL could actually make

Stupid Super Bowl Saturday idea is far worse than any change the NFL could actually make
By: FanSided Posted On: March 25, 2023 View: 48

Kyle Brandt’s idea of Super Bowl Saturday would be so detrimental to the NFL’s growing brand.

I love Kyle Brandt and what he does on Good Morning Football, but his infatuation with Super Bowl Saturday is the worst idea conceived since the Jump to Conclusions mat from Office Space.

Look. I love the idea that we can enjoy the Super Bowl in excess, have a few pops and see where the evening takes us. However, your boy’s gotta work, so I can’t really participate in those shenanigans like I know y’all do. Again, this ain’t about me, but moving the Super Bowl up to Saturday would shorten the NFL‘s most signature event by a day. Let’s push it all back a week…

Here is what Brandt had to say about it on the latest episode of SI Media with Jimmy Traina.

“I think the Black Friday game walks so that Super Bowl Saturday can run. I’ve been pushing for that for years. I want Super Bowl Saturday. I got to interview (Roger) Goodell once, Goodell and I have a very comfortable, jocular relationship, and I pitched him on the air, Super Bowl Saturday Roger. I just wanna speak for the people. Yes, if you’re thinking it’s because I wanna drink and eat with impunity, yes, that’s the reason why. Why can’t we make this on Saturday? And he laughed, but he gave the answer, well the audience on Sunday blah, blah, blah, and I get it, but I don’t care. I want it on Saturday.”

Without question, the most logical thing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can do is push the league calendar back a week. That way, Super Bowl Sunday aligns perfectly with Presidents’ Day Weekend. This does not have to be this hard. Just figure it out. The American people deserve this!

It should be noted that the NFL on Black Friday is absolutely disgusting. That day should be reserved for Battle Line and Cornucopia. Watching Iowa punt breathes life into my aging soul.

Super Bowl Saturday is a great way to ruin traditions and tear NFL families apart

I’m going to be totally honest here. I would rather curb-stomp myself face-planting off a rusted Bills Mafia bus onto a flaming folding table while covered in an ungodly amount of expired condiments than give any praise to the idea of Super Bowl Saturday. High school football is on Fridays. Saturdays belong to college football. The NFL claimed Sundays as its own. Figure it out.

Since the Super Bowl will be played at neutral-site locations for the rest of time, we do not need to worry about bad weather ruining the experience in mid-February. For those who want to blow a few brain cells and not have to call out sick on Monday, just play the big game on Presidents’ Day Weekend. Football is America’s favorite sport. This should have been a national holiday years ago.

Look. People way smarter and more influential than me will figure out what has been staring them in the face for decades. Like, one-third of the country watches this game. If most people don’t have to go to work the next day, they can live a little and have the time of their lives. Keeping it on Sunday gives the NFL one more day of publicity while allowing us to rest and recover on Monday.

If the College Football Playoff can expand, we could easily move the NFL’s title bout back a week.

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