September 21, 2023  

Trevon Diggs Shares Uplifting Message After Injury: ‘I Will Be Back and Better’

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The Cowboys star cornerback addressed well-wishers and his lon ...View More

Boeing to develop hypersonic missile interceptor for DARPA

Boeing has been tapped by DARPA to develop and test the technology that will be required to build a  ...View More

Low-power desalination tech may provide drinking water at disaster sites

At disaster sites, it's not uncommon for both the water supply and electrical grid to be out of comm ...View More

This $90,000 fireproof tankbot will scout burning buildings for people to save

Fighting fires was always dangerous. But with climate change, there have been more wildfires, which  ...View More

Mics Caught D.J. Moore Seemingly Agreeing That the Bears Aren’t Using Him Right

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The veteran receiver appeared to agree with comments from Bucs ...View More

: Adidas CEO has apologized for remarks about Kanye West, ADL head says

Adidas Chief Executive Bjorn Gulden has apologized for recent remarks that appeared to downplay the  ...View More

Vice President Kamala Harris to Lead First-Ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention

At a Rose Garden event tomorrow, President Biden will announce the first-ever White House Office of  ...View More

The Ratings Game: Here’s why Cisco may want to close the Splunk deal sooner rather than later

Cisco Systems Inc. finally followed through on a long-rumored target Thursday when it announced it w ...View More

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