The Sea Change on Crypto-Regulation

In the last few weeks there has been a sea change in crypto regulation: 1. Bitcoin spot ETFs were ap ...View More

Can they reconstitute Philosphy & Public Affairs?

Here is a recent announcement of note: We are unanimously resigning from our editorial roles at  ...View More

Has Argentina given up on dollarization?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column.  Here is the opening bit: The good news is th ...View More

That was then, this is now, NBA edition

Then, from summer of 2023: “The Boston Celtics just set an NBA record by agreeing to a fiv ...View More

*GOAT* is now a free audiobook

Here is the link to consuming various forms of GOAT, including the free audiobook, available through ...View More

Don’t bother learning about this one, unless you already know what I am talking about

You know, the job market, the tweets, and the RCT, here is a complaint from Christopher Phelan.  ...View More

The death of the AI safety movement?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, and here is one part: The safety movement probably  ...View More

How important is “the scientific method”?

From a recently published paper by Alexander Krauss: Using data on all major discoveries across scie ...View More

The Left on FDA Peer Approval

Robert Kuttner discovered an excellent treatment for colds while vacationing in France and is rightl ...View More

What are your favorite non-violent movies?

From Jonathan Birch on Twitter: What are your favourite nonviolent movies? I don’t mean romcoms, I m ...View More

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