March 25, 2023  

Eagles prove they won’t repeat crucial mistakes with 2023 free agent class

Good job by the Philadelphia Eagles in recognizing how they blew it in 2018 NFL free agency.The last ...View More

NFL rumors: The latest on DeAndre Hopkins trade; Chiefs, Patriots, and more

DeAndre Hopkins is expected to be traded away from the Arizona Cardinals, but where will he end up?  ...View More

What to Watch: Rabbit Hole, Ride, Succession

There's plenty to watch on TV this coming week! The Roys return for one last hurrah on Successio ...View More

Xiaomi TV Stick 4K review

The Xiaomi TV Stick 4K is the company's latest entry-level 4K media streaming device. It's the usual ...View More

NFL Owners to Vote on Thursday Night Football Flex Scheduling

[unable to retrieve full-text content]According to a report in the Sports Business Journal, NFL owne ...View More

Days of Our Lives Review for the Week of 3-20-23: Did Bo Really Kill Kate?

Rumor has it that Bo killed Kate. After she pressed him to remember who he was on Days of Our Li ...View More

Aaron Rodgers Will Turn the Jets into a Fantasy Monster

[unable to retrieve full-text content]With the NFL world awaiting confirmation that Aaron Rodgers wi ...View More

What should I ask Kevin Kelly?

From Wikipedia: Kevin Kelly (born 1952) is the founding executive editor of Wired mag ...View More

ATP Tennis Podcast: Shelton Discusses His Game Style

[unable to retrieve full-text content] This week on the ATP Tennis Podcast... FRANCISCO CERUNDOLO O ...View More

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