March 25, 2023  

Are social media making us miserable?

Stuart Richie rebuts some of the recent studies: And here’s the thing: when the authors of the “Face ...View More

: ‘We do not do the end of life well’ in America: How hospice can help ease the last days

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s decision to seek hospice care and spend his remaining time in c ...View More

Apple to launch AirPods Pro 2's USB-C version later this year

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 16.4 release candidate for developers, which includes references t ...View More

Tyler Hynes Talks Chimera, A Picture of Her, and How His Enthusiasts Have Changed Everything

Tyler Hynes is a busy man. This month, he released an online avante garde short film in four par ...View More

Jim Jordan’s Weaponization Of DOJ Report Blows Up In His Face

Rep. Jim Jordan’s Weaponization Of Government subcommittee issued a report about the DOJ targeti ...View More

Steelers sign free agent with worst name possible for playing in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers have added former Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Le’Raven Clark in his NF ...View More

Internet Archive violated publisher copyrights by lending ebooks, court rules

A federal judge has ruled against the Internet Archive in its high-profile case against a group of f ...View More

Stupid Super Bowl Saturday idea is far worse than any change the NFL could actually make

Kyle Brandt’s idea of Super Bowl Saturday would be so detrimental to the NFL’s growing brand.I love  ...View More

Geno Smith savagely calls out fan for using fake stats to slander him

A fan used stats that go against reality to suggest Geno Smith is a bad quarterback. Smith had himse ...View More

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