November 19, 2023  

Weekly poll results: most people prefer older flagship chipsets

What chipset powers a phone is a significant factor when choosing your next phone. Of course, this i ...View More

Jamie Raskin Rips James Comer’s Flailing Biden Impeachment Investigation

House Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Comer’s impeachment inve ...View More

: OpenAI investors trying to get Sam Altman back as CEO after sudden firing – WSJ

OpenAI’s investors are making efforts to bring back Sam Altman, the  chief execu ...View More

Former Maricopa County Elections Worker: Many Houses Had Exactly 25 Voters Registered, Other Anomalies

It just keeps coming. More evidence of fraud. 25 voters per household? Right.A grassroots activi ...View More

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